HP Sprocket Photobooth – How to Take Photos

HP Sprocket Photobooth – How to Take Photos

This document is for the HP Sprocket Photobooth.  

Once your event is set up, taking photos is quick and easy. 

1. Tap the screensaver to begin.  
2. Choose your desired layout and filter.  
(if applicable - it's possible to have an event without any)

3. To adjust the brightness of the ring light, select the lightbulb icon in the lower left corner of your screen and slide the bar to your desired brightness level.  

4. To turn flash on/off, select the flash icon on the bottom right of your screen.  
5. Check out the live camera preview and make sure the lighting and position are just right.  
6. When you’re ready for your photo, tap the camera icon, strike a pose, and wait for the three second countdown.  

7. Once your photo is done, select the number of prints you’d like and hit “print.”  

    Note: If printing a large photo quantity, a Printer Cooling Down message might appear. Printing will automatically resume once the device has cooled down. 

8. To access and share digital photos, use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code that appears after taking a photo. Photos will be available for download 
 for 30 days.  

    Note: A Wi-Fi® connection is required to generate a QR code. 

    Note: The QR code can also be accessed from the gallery. See the Gallery section of your manual for more information.